Website Is Dead, Welcome It's Replacement!


The traditional Website Technology as we know it is dying, and it is being replaced by something much more viable and versatile.

A very few future-looking organizations already knows and are exploiting this to tremendous advantage, while the rest are left clueless, hanging on to a technology with a declining future and very little business benefits.

If you are a business and is still thinking in terms of building a website for your business, or proping up and maintining your current website, then you need to stop,  and see this presentation first.

If you are a website designer/developer your future in this line of business is seriously threatened if you continue your "business as usual". To remain relevant through the near and far future in this career, this presentation is a "must see".

Curious to know why the traditional website is dying, and what this powerful replacement is? come see this presentation.

Session Timeslot: 
Saturday 26th Novermber, 2016 11am - 12 noon
Drupal Version: 
Drupal 8